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Grand Opening in Park River, ND

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Our new Bully Brew Coffee location is officially open  in Park River, ND! We had our grand opening last week on Thursday, June 15th. It was  a long weekend full of fun, food, coffee, and many new friends! We loved seeing all the new faces coming in to check out our coffee, food, and new space . It was so fun meeting all of you throughout the weekend, and we can’t wait to get to know you better. 

To celebrate our first day open, we gave customers some fun Bully Brew Coffee tumblers and door prizes throughout the day - Then the rest of the weekend we focused on celebrating dads with fun specials and free mugs of coffee for them to enjoy at the store. 

On Friday, we met a new furry friend! His name is Archie, and he’s a Frenchie from Hoople, ND! He beat the heat with a delicious Pup Cup. Although we can’t have dogs inside the coffee house, our baristas always find time to take a quick trip outside to say hello to our paw-some visitors!

We are so grateful for Park River and the surrounding communities for supporting us. We also are so proud of our new baristas and managers - they did an incredible job! To everyone who stopped by, Thank You!!!

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