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Meet Holly: The Heart of Bully Brew Coffee Park River!

Posted on by Sandi Luck

As you pull open the coffee shop door, the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee engulfs your senses. Behind the counter, you’ll find smiling baristas, and Holly, the manager. “Welcome to Bully Brew!” someone calls out cheerfully from behind the espresso machine. Stepping into the beautiful Bully Brew Coffee in Park River, ND is always a delightful experience.

Holly has been managing the Park River location since it first opened in June of this year. Her job is a joy, thanks to the amazing people who come into the shop and the delicious coffee that she crafts. Wondering why you should check out the Park River Bully Brew Coffee? Holly prides herself on her team's commitment to serving great coffee and great food with a smile. Looking ahead, Holly is excited to see Bully Brew Coffee’s growth in Park River and the neighboring communities.

Outside of work, Holly loves spending time with her family. She adores watching her grandson and spending quality moments with her dogs, Zoe, Alfie, and Bruno! Bruno is a frequent Bully Brew visitor - perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him already? Holly’s passion for animals extends to her 40-year involvement in showing horses all over the United States, a pretty cool accomplishment! We are so glad to have Holly with us! Thank you, Holly, for all you do!

Holly’s Top 3 Drinks:

  • The Haven
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • White Chocolate Mocha

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