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Introducing the ND Coffee School!

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Our team at Bully Brew Coffee and the ND Coffee Roastery has kicked off our newest adventure. . . the ND Coffee School! We first launched our Owner’s Development Program, with the first classes taking place May 31 to June 2. We had an incredible experience with the business owners who participated in our class, and are excited to continue to spread coffee knowledge!

We will be offering  3 classes to fit the needs of different levels of involvement within the coffee world. Here’s the rundown:

Owners Development Program: 

This 3 day program will aide in the development of a business plan, your company’s handbook, and your business strategy. We discuss menus, costing items, budgets, and projections for your store.. You will also walk away with barista training and feel confident with your skills in developing a successful team.

Manager Training

2 days of high level, engaging, and interactive training that will help you become a successful manager.

Barista Workshop: 

1 fun filled day of learning all about coffee.. You will walk away with an understanding of brewing methods, coffee tasting, espresso shots, and milk frothing. 

To learn more or to register for a class, visit www.ndcoffeeroastery.com/s-s-inc

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