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Halloween Costumes: Coffee Edition

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Happy Halloween! While it may be a little late to plan your costume for later tonight, It’s never too early to start planning your costume for next year. Here are 8 coffee-related Halloween costumes!

  1. Barista: transform yourself into a master barista with an apron, name tag, and headset. Don’t forget to bring your coffee cup! (Zombie barista would be cool, too, if you want to make it spooky!)
  2. Latte Art: wear an a outfit with a white collar or hat to represent the milk froth. Decorate the white sections with your best latte art!
  3. Coffee Bean Bag: wear a brown burlap sack and add a coffee bean label to the front!
  4. Caffeine Molecule: show off your love (or addiction) for caffeine by dressing as a caffeine molecule! Attach round “atoms” to the costume in the shape of a caffeine molecule!
  5. “Before and After Coffee”: On one side of your face, add zombie makeup. Make the other side look clean and healthy. Carry a coffee cup as a prop.
  6. Decaf Coffee: Grab a plain t-shirt and write “Decaf Coffee” on it. Simply terrifying.
  7. For the Couples: coffee cup and barista combo
  8. OR: the coffee cup + food combo (cinnamon roll, caramel roll, cookies, etc.)
Do you have any other coffee-related Halloween costume ideas?

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