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Farm to Cup: The Adventures of a Coffee Bean

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Have you ever wondered where coffee beans come from, or how they can turn into such a delicious cup of coffee? It's a long and complex process, but I’ll give you a quick overview!

First, the coffee beans are grown on farms in tropical regions, such as Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, & many others. The farmers take care of the plants, which flower and produce a cherry-like fruit. The farmers harvest the ripe cherries, usually completely by hand. The cherries contain two seeds, which eventually turn into the coffee beans we know and love.

Next, the cherries are processed to remove the pulp and skin, leaving only the beans. There are a few ways that the cherries can be processed, all involving tons of manual labor from the farmers. 

After processing, the beans are sorted by size, color, and quality. At this point in the process, the beans are green in color. They are then packed in bags and shipped across the world, eventually landing at the North Dakota Coffee Roastery in Grand Forks, ND. Becca, our Master Roaster then roasts the beans at different temperatures and durations to create different flavors and aromas. Roasting is a delicate art that requires skill and experience. 

Finally, the roasted beans are packaged and delivered to our Bully Brew Coffee Houses in North Dakota and Minnesota where baristas continue to make more magic happen. Beans can be purchased at all locations, or online! 

That's how a coffee bean travels from the farm to your cup. Next time you sip your coffee, remember to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the people involved in making it.

Stay Caffeinated!

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