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In recent years, the ND Coffee Roastery has grown out of our flagship store, Bully Brew Coffee House. Now, as its own company, the ND Coffee Roastery roasts, packages, and supplies all Bully Brew locations, a number of small local coffee shops and cafes, small businesses, and even large distributors in the Midwest.  You can find our coffee roasts in Bully Brew Coffee bags and also other white label bags such as Lake Metigoshe Coffee House, and Muddy Boots Coffee House.  We roast a different profile (or recipe) for each customer and love to create new blends.

Of all the coffee we roast, we are most proud to supply the highest quality, roasted beans to small local coffee houses around the Midwest.  We keep growing and helping these local coffee houses because we are delighted by the growth of locally owned coffee houses!  

For wholesale inquiries, please contact Becky Rice at Becky.rice@ndcoffeeroastery.com or find out more about us at www.ndcoffeeroastery.com