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Bully Brew Coffee is a locally woman-owned company
The Coffee Houses are located in
Grand Forks, ND 
Fargo, ND
East Grand Forks, MN
 Hallock, MN
Warren, MN
Board Room Coffee & Taphouse is located in
Grand Forks, ND 
Bully Brew Coffee is known for its delicious coffee and great customer service. We want our customers to have an unforgettable guest experience.  Our coffee beans are roasted daily from our coffee roastery (ND Coffee Roastery).  We provide a cozy and comfortable environment that appeals to our customers love of local small business. Each coffee house offers a different environment allowing the guest to choose their favorite atmosphere. The coffee houses serve fresh brewed coffee, speciality drinks, and local bakery items. 


Sandi Luck has been a coffee lover since she was young.  Her Great Grandma Verke (lived to 103 years old) always told her that “conversations are better with coffee!”  Great Grandma Verke insisted everyone who came to visit her would sit at the kitchen table and have a cup of coffee with her.  Sandi stayed true to her Grandma’s beliefs and enjoys her “conversations with coffee.”

She started her first coffee business in 2005 when she purchased 4 coffee kiosks.  Sandi was working at the University of North Dakota and also always had the entrepreneur bug. Mountain Espresso Coffee kiosks were the beginning of her passion for the coffee business.  The baristas provided great customer service and proudly served delicious coffee quickly and efficiently in the drive-thru kiosks.

Sadly, she sold the kiosks in 2008 after realizing she could not succeed with the downfall of the economy.  However, in 2010, she was approached by the Director of a local nursing home to open a small coffee venue in their newly renovated area.  She searched for a new name and her friend suggested she named her business after her bulldog, Elvis.  Bully Brew Coffee was born and since then has grown into a coffee empire.  She now owns coffee houses, coffee and taphouse, a coffee roastery, and an airbnb.  Sandi strives to empower her team to grow and learn each day to make our world better.  We live in optimism and encourage everyone to have kind souls while they serve their customers sweet and amazing cups of coffee.

Sandi continues to grow her company with the Roastery becoming a distributor of wholesale coffee beans, leading expert as a consultant for other local small coffee houses, and development of a training center for baristas, managers, and owners. Her team is full of fun and crazy leaders and baristas who love to serve others.  One of the teams guiding principles is “Be Silly!”  Life is too short so we have fun and drink lots of coffee! 

Bully Brew Coffee is also found in several small businesses, online, and in many homes around the country.  We have added coffee brands to our lines such as the University coffee brands.  We are proud to donate back to the Universities so they can use the funds for scholarships.

We love to co-brand with other local businesses.  Just to name a few - Bully Brew Coffee has connected with Half Brothers Brewery in Grand Forks to provide the beautiful taste of coffee in the Bully Brew Brown Ale, Revelations Ale in Hallock, MN to create a breakfast beer, Sugar Point Maple Syrup in Federal Dam, MN to create a tasty coffee maple syrup.  We encourage you to continue to watch our story as we plan to continue to spread smiles and keep you caffeinated!



To enrich as many lives as we can

by serving great coffee and great food with a smile.



Sandi with Elvis (2009-2021) & Izzie (2012- 2023) 

        Sandi with Ella (2022-)