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Meet Shelby, the Bubbly Fargo Bully Brew Manager

Posted on by Sandi Luck

“Hi! Thanks for stopping at Bully Brew! What can I get for ya today?” asks a cheerful voice from the drive-thru speaker. You place your order and pull around the side of the building. As the drive-thru window slides open, the smiling face of a cheerful, curly-haired girl pops out. Meet Shelby. 

Shelby is the manager of Bully Brew Coffee Veterans in Fargo, ND. She’s relatively new to the North Dakota landscape, having moved from the sunny city of San Diego, California, where she was raised. 

Shelby’s journey with Bully Brew Coffee began in 2022. Now celebrating her first anniversary with the company, Shelby’s commitment and dedication throughout the last twelve months have led her to excel in her role as store manager.

Of all of Shelby’s management responsibilities, taking care of customers is her favorite. With her bubbly personality and her ability to create an inviting and personable atmosphere within the shop, Shelby forges genuine relationships. 

When you go to Bully Brew Coffee Veterans, “... you’ll find an environment that is so much more than just a coffee shop,” says Shelby. “It’s a space where work meetings thrive, friends gather to chat, families settle in for quality time, and a solo trip can be just as amazing!”

Outside of work, Shelby values her family. The most important is her new husband, Caleb (they were married over Labor Day weekend)! Together they have 2 cats (Kaira and Kora), and an exuberant weiner dog named Marleau. 

Aside from her furry friends and beloved family, Shelby has been involved with dance since she was in diapers. She is a dancer with a passion for teaching children who are excited to learn about the world of dance. Yep, you guessed it - she’s a dance instructor!

The next time you step into Bully Brew Veterans, remember that Shelby is behind all the magic within those doors. We appreciate Shelby and everything she is for this company!

Here’s our Bully Brew family photo from Shelby & Caleb’s wedding!


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