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“Bully” Brew?? Where it all Started

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Ever wonder where the name “Bully Brew” came from? I PROMISE we do not bully anyone - we actually do the exact opposite! To tell the story, let me first introduce you to the owner and tell you how it all started.

Meet Sandi Luck, a lifelong coffee lover who was inspired by her great Grandma Verke. Taking after her Great Grandma Verke, Sandi is a firm believer that “conversations are better with coffee.” Sandi’s entrepreneurial coffee journey began in 2005 when she purchased 4 coffee kiosks while working at the University of North Dakota. Unfortunately, she had to sell them in 2008 due to economic challenges

Fate had more in store for her. In 2010, the Director of a local nursing home asked her to open a coffee venue in their renovated area. When trying to come up with a new business name, Sandi’s friend suggested naming the business after Sandi’s dog. That’s when Bully Brew Coffee came to life, named after Sandi’s beloved bulldog, Elvis. Since then, Sandi’s coffee empire has continued to flourish. Although Elvis is no longer with us, Izzie and Ella, Sandi’s other bulldogs, continue to keep the Bully Brew name alive!

While visiting our coffee shops, keep your eye out for other bulldog themes (or just dogs, in general). Stop in, grab a cup of coffee, and let the good conversations brew!

Want to take Bully Brew home? When placing your order through the website, use the code ELVIS to take 10% off of your order (valid until 11:59pm CST on 8/8/23)!

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