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Behind the Scenes with our Core Leadership Team

Posted on by Sandi Luck

Each Monday, our core leadership team participates in their weekly ritual: the Monday Morning Core Leadership Meeting. The team fills their coffee, packs their bags, and makes their way to “The Cloud”, the upstairs meeting room, where they will spend the next hour and a half sharing updates and strategizing to help steer the company in a positive direction. 

The team gathers around the table, first taking a few minutes to listen to a “blinkist” which is a podcast style summary that highlights the main ideas of popular books. After listening, the team discusses their thoughts and ideas, and then relates those ideas back to their lives and the company. This time is incredibly useful in making sure that the leadership team doesn’t get into a slump or go into auto-pilot. They are always looking for things to improve.

Next, each team member has a chance to share any updates. They can talk about what new projects they’re working on, progress on existing projects, what else they did last week, their goals for this week, etc. It’s a time for them to fill in the rest of the team (and brag) about what’s going on in their respective departments. 

Finally, the team reviews our 2023 strategic goals and checks-in with them. What are we doing to get there? How is it going so far? This time is a fantastic opportunity for the team to connect the dots. How can each person use their strengths and skills to move the company towards reaching that goal? What can each person do this week to move one step closer? 

Monday Morning Core Leadership meetings have been (and continue to be) a staple for this team. Not only do they get to keep each other accountable, they get to show off their work, ask and answer questions, and spend time with each other! Our leadership team is amazing!

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